The Side Effects of Taking Addyi

Has there ever been a time when you worried about the side effects of something that you were taking? Did you ever look into the side effects?
Addyi is a drug that is given to women who have a low want for sexually desire. This is something that is not caused by a medical condition, mental disorder, or even a relationship issue that women feel they need to have some sort pf sexually desire. This medication is only for women there is nothing like this for a man and is for those who have not gone through menopause already. Like any drug that is given out there are certain risks and side effects that are combined with taking the drug. It is also given out by a group that is certified and is special. This should not be taken if the patient has low blood pressure, a history of drug addiction, a history of depression or a mental disorder, and if the patient drinks alcohol. There are also a certain amount of other drugs that are not to be taken with this and if they are then the patients doctor may want a different course of treatment. 
If all of this is something that could help a person and if they are honest then they will have the best results when it comes to the drug that is being used. Addyi is only to be taken in evening before going to bed which is the prime time for the drug to be used. This should not be taken if there is not an improvement in symptoms after 8 weeks of use. There are side effects that are sleepiness or feeling like you are lightheaded when taking the drug. If there are side effects that are not listed then it would be best to call the doctor. Learn more about Addyi: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Warnings -